Screenshot 2017-07-04 at 7.40.58 AM
The Piqua Daily Call, Tuesday, 27 March 1934, Page 5

I came across this startling advertisement in The Piqua Daily Call while doing some research the other day. Kindly tell me who thought this was a good idea?

Apparently 666 was a multi-purpose cure-all: colds (check), headaches or neuralgia (check), malaria (check), constipation (check).

Available in liquid, tablets, salve, or nose drops it was sure to chase the devil away in the most speedy manner known.

Has anyone ever heard of this tonic before?


2 thoughts on “What the Devil?

  1. I can’t say I have. But old newspapers are full of this type of advertisements. I wonder if we are any better off today with all the wonder drugs you see advertise on television.


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