Happy Saint Patrick’s Day! We here at J. Wendell love celebrating our “wee bit” of Irish heritage and we found this wonderful antique postcard to share with you today.

killarney postcard

The Old Weir Bridge is considered one of the oldest structures in Killarney, County Kerry, Ireland. It is believed to have been constructed sometime in the 16th Century and is a top tourist attraction in Killarney National Park, along with nearby Dinis Cottage along the shores of Muckross Lake. You can read more about The Old Weir Bridge by clicking here.

killarney postcard back

After a quick search, I found that young master Walter Gross of 130 Second Street, Troy, New York led quite an interesting life. He was a student at Harvard Law School when the walter gross war recordUnited States entered World War I, and with one year left of law school he became

a commissioned officer in the United States Navy Reserves. As a young Jewish Officer, Walter completed this questionnaire for the Office of Jewish War Records about his service during the Great War.

After the War, he went on to practice corporate law and raise his family back in his hometown of  Troy, New York.

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