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Hello all! I began this series last fall as a “photo mystery” (you can read the first post here: WWII Photo Mystery Part 1) but after many delays on my part and a fresh look at the documents, I have to humbly admit that I missed something in the crew rolls for Leffie Martin:leffie

Not all of the crew rolls had it, but the little (n) next to his name stands for negro, meaning he’s definitely not the man in the above photo. It stands as a good reminder that looking at records with fresh eyes can reveal details you missed the first time, and perhaps I was drawn to his name because I’m supposed to tell his story as well. I have obtained all three military personnel files (OMPFs) from the National Archives at St. Louis (including two new photos!) and next week I’m finally going to bring you the stories of LaVern Martin, Leffie Martin, and Orin Queen through the lens of those records. Let me tell you, I’m honored to have “met” these men and to share more about these brief and defining years of their lives with you. I hope you’ll check back next week!