“Karen did some amazing digging. She sent me documentations that were available, and really gave me the part of my family that I was hoping for (plus more). I really hope to work with Karen, again, in the future (since a lot of that side of my family came out of Washington County, Tennessee). I am very satisfied with the research, and have read through it once, and about to again. Thank you, Karen!” – Anna

“She was very sure of her sources, and she did her work well and quickly.” – Kate

“She has good insight to know where to look for the information you want. Good communication, letting me know what she was thinking and where she was looking. I will probably use her services again at some point.” – Lawrence

“Karen is a genealogical miracle worker! She’s persistent, fast, thorough and thoroughly wonderful. 🙂 I unhesitatingly recommend her for any research, sleuthing or intrepid photography your family tree demands!” – Kelli