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Karen MacArthur Grizzard

What We’re Reading: The Bell Witch

My Grandpa Woodard was an amazing storyteller. He grew up in the era before radio and television, in a rural area of middle Tennessee. His childhood was spent working and getting into mischief - especially with his oldest brother, Claude.... Continue Reading →

Cincinnati, Ohio

Research trips should always be a balance between exploring records and exploring the location. This week brings us to Cincinnati, Ohio. A river town that grew into a major city, Cincy has a wealth of sites to visit. Our Airbnb... Continue Reading →

How to Choose a Professional Genealogist

We discussed why you should hire a professional genealogist in this post. Now let’s consider how you should choose one. A professional genealogist is not required to be licensed or certified by law, so a “professional” must be evaluated on... Continue Reading →

Why Hire a Professional Genealogist?

For many people the thrill of doing genealogy research is enough to keep them on the hunt for new finds. It can be addicting. Hours of research may not turn up any new leads, but when a new piece of... Continue Reading →

Phipps Union Seminary, Part 4

Today I am honored to shared the words that Jeanie shared at the 1907 Phipps Union Seminary Reunion in Albion, New York. The newspaper article from The Orleans Republican, (15 May 1907) was quite lengthy and shared the names of... Continue Reading →

Phipps Union Seminary, Part 3

As I shared in Part 1 of this series, the Hoag Library in Albion, New York, had a box of items from the Phipps Union Seminary. Included was the annual catalogue from 1851, which recorded my second great-grandmother's enrollment in... Continue Reading →

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