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Bringing Old Photographs to Life

April 18, 2018

*Note: This is a re-post of a blog from last year, but Val’s work is so incredible that I needed to share it again. Be sure to check out her blog Colouring The Past for more amazing photos. (And speaking of amazing photos, be sure to check out Luanne Castle’s blog too!)

Fellow genealogy blogger, Luanne Castle, over at The Family Kalamazoo, recently introduced her readers to the amazing work of Val Erde, who specializes in colouring old photographs. I have to say I was anxious to see what magic Val could work on some of my own family’s photos after seeing the results Luanne had posted.

I immediately contacted Val and she set to work on colouring two photographs for me. This photograph of my grandmother, Janet, was taken when she was fourteen years of age. Needless to say, I absolutely love how Val’s attention to detail has brought life into the photograph and given me a true glimpse of my grandmother as a young girl.

Fast forward to my grandmother with her first-born child, Jenny. I have always loved this photograph, and with Val’s work, I love it even more. The details spring to life and it seems that Val has captured the elegance and romance of a by-gone era. I believe my grandmother would be thrilled to see these photographs brought to life in such a special way.

Thank you, Val, for honouring my grandmother’s memory with your incredible talent.

Be sure to visit Colouring the Past to view more of Val’s work and then dig out a few of your own photographs for her to transform.

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