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How to Choose a Professional Genealogist

We discussed why you should hire a professional genealogist in this post. Now let’s consider how you should choose one. A professional genealogist is not required to be licensed or certified by law, so a “professional” must be evaluated on... Continue Reading →

Why Hire a Professional Genealogist?

For many people the thrill of doing genealogy research is enough to keep them on the hunt for new finds. It can be addicting. Hours of research may not turn up any new leads, but when a new piece of... Continue Reading →

Bringing Old Photographs to Life

Fellow genealogy blogger, Luanne Castle, over at The Family Kalamazoo, recently introduced her readers to the amazing work of Val Erde, who specializes in colouring old photographs. I have to say I was anxious to see what magic Val could... Continue Reading →

That was in a Military File?!?

The Soap Opera of Kibbie B. McCoye ...  Grab your popcorn and sit back while I tell you a soap opera worthy story of aliases, German spies, jilted lovers, and insidious gossip from a group of Los Angeles neighbors who make Melrose Place look... Continue Reading →

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