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Your DNA Experiences – A Brief Survey

Would you mind helping us learn more about your experiences with at home genetic DNA tests with this brief survey? We'd like to know more about your experiences as we develop more DNA-related content on the blog. You can take... Continue Reading →

Using the Social Security Death Index

     The US Social Security Death Index (or SSDI) is an old favorite among family history researchers, and if you haven’t heard about this record collection I’m going to explain what it is and how it is useful in... Continue Reading →

The National Map: A County Map Resource

Hello June! Can you believe we're nearing the halfway point of 2017? Whether time seems to be going quickly or slowly we wanted to make sure you aren't missing out on an excellent free resource for your family history research:... Continue Reading →

Choosing the Right DNA Company for You

A few months ago I wrote a blog entitled DNA in Genealogy: How does this help me? to explain some of the basics of genetic testing and the different types of tests available for genealogy, and much of the feedback... Continue Reading →

Getting to Know Our Ancestors Through a Record Timeline

     Do you have a difficult time thinking about your ancestors beyond the abstract idea of the few facts that you can reel off about them? I know I do. There are certain ancestors that I feel a connection... Continue Reading →

Beginner’s Guide: Pushing the Boundaries

When researching locations of your ancestors it is good to keep in mind that state, county, and city/township boundary lines changed over time. Too many times we get stuck in our research by assuming that the current location is the correct place to search. If records aren’t found in the current location, broaden your search […]

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