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Identified Photos

The photographs featured in this collection include names and/or locations that may help us reunite these treasures with family members or local repositories that will showcase them in their history collections.

The Holt Sisters of Whites Creek Pike, TN

Last week we went on a photo-collecting mission to our favorite antique store, and we came away with an absolute goldmine of photos (teased on our newly relaunched Instagram and shown at right!) Among those photo gems, we found the... Continue Reading →

Christmas 1966

Christmas 1966 at the home of my Uncle Bob and Aunt Norma [Becker] MacArthur. Uncle Bob was actually my great uncle, my grandfather's brother. My grandfather died before my brother and I were born, but we were fortunate to have two... Continue Reading →

John A. Miner of Iowa

Mr. & Mrs. John Avery Miner, 1919, Davenport, Iowa ...

David & Sophia Ayers

This exquisite daguerreotype is in pristine condition and I was thrilled to find it. The photo is of David Ayers and his wife, Sophia H. [Day] Ayers. Taken shortly after their marriage in March of 1856, the handwritten note tells... Continue Reading →

Frank McIntosh’s Photo Album

  I purchased this unique little photo album containing very small daguerreotype photos because, honestly, I just couldn't pass it up. The photo album itself measures 3.5 inches by 3 inches, and the photos measure 1 inch by .5 inches.... Continue Reading →

Carrie Bell Lawrence

The back of this photo reads "Carrie Lawrence - Daughter of George and Nancy Jane Lawrence," and unlike many of the other "rescued photos" that we post this one was inherited from my great-grandmother. This set of photos has always... Continue Reading →

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