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Identified Photos

The photographs featured in this collection include names and/or locations that may help us reunite these treasures with family members or local repositories that will showcase them in their history collections.

Laura McLeod

Laura E. McLeod was born August 29, 1884 in Oakdale, Stanislaus, California. The daughter of James McLeod and Lou Ann Barber, Laura also had two sisters.

John Madison

John Madison, born in Denmark and migrated to South Dakota, USA. He and his wife, Nellie, had one daughter, Luella. Hoping this photo finds its way to some relatives.

Finding Ruby Morgan

I came across this precious baby photo with identification on the back and I thought it would be easy to trace little Ruby. As it turns out, not so ... Sweet little Ruby Veronah Morgan was born on March 13,... Continue Reading →

Genola Lasak

Genola Lasak

Julian & Walter Baczyski

It is always frustrating when you can't track the names on a photograph. Sadly, that is the case with these two young men. I haven't had any success in finding them. The names Julian and Walter Baczyski are written on... Continue Reading →

Irene Rebb

Happy-Go-Lucky is exactly how I picture Irene. I think her laugh was as big as her smile, and that she had the ability to make people happy when around her.

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