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Identified Photos

The photographs featured in this collection include names and/or locations that may help us reunite these treasures with family members or local repositories that will showcase them in their history collections.

Carrie Bell Lawrence

The back of this photo reads "Carrie Lawrence - Daughter of George and Nancy Jane Lawrence," and unlike many of the other "rescued photos" that we post this one was inherited from my great-grandmother. This set of photos has always... Continue Reading →

What the Devil?

I came across this startling advertisement in The Piqua Daily Call while doing some research the other day. Kindly tell me who thought this was a good idea? Apparently 666 was a multi-purpose cure-all: colds (check), headaches or neuralgia (check),... Continue Reading →

Sitting on the Front Porch

Summer afternoons on the front porch were once a common occurrence for families across the country. A time to slow down, rest, and enjoy conversation with friends, family, and neighbors. Porches invite conversation. Whether a porch stoop or a big... Continue Reading →

The way to a man’s heart …

The Detroit Free Press, Friday, 2 October 1863, Page 1 This catchy advertisement caught my eye while doing some research on the website. Apparently the way to a man's heart is down his throat! I think the politically correct... Continue Reading →

The Iglehearts

The only markings on this cabinet card photo show the surname Igleheart. We rescued this photo from an antique store in Newburgh, Indiana and surname searches show the Igleheart surname in nearby Evansville, Indiana, so it's plausible that the woman and child... Continue Reading →

Arlo Maisan – Christening Photo

Large, looping handwriting on the back identifies the child in this christening photo as Arlo Maisan, but nothing else is known about Arlo or the Sunbeam Gallery where his photo was taken. You can see what may be his mother's dress where... Continue Reading →

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