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Kinga Grzywacz’s Family Found

I love when I am able to connect a family member with a lost family heirloom. I published the post listed below about two years ago and ended it with a hope that a relative of Kinga's would eventually read... Continue Reading →

Mrs. H.E. Sopher from Jennie

Postmarked: Grove City, PA - Oct. 16, 1913 To Mrs. H.E. [Pearl] Sopher Homeworth, Ohio Hello Aunt, How are you by this time? I have looked every day for word from you. We are all well. Have you seen Harry... Continue Reading →

To Harry from Austa

I love happy endings so much so that I am going to put the happy ending at the beginning of today's post. My research of H.E. Sopher and Austa enabled me to find the son of "our little red-headed boy"... Continue Reading →

Wilbur Swank

Wilbur Swank's high school portrait from Scott High School, Class of 1951. I found a Wilbur Swank in Danville, Pennsylvania and a Scott High School in both Coatesville (about 2.5 hours away) and North Braddock (about 4 hours away). Not... Continue Reading →

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