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Unidentified Photos

The photographs in this collection have no indication of who or where the subjects may be located. Take a look around and maybe you can help solve the mystery.


Siblings - Rochelle, Illinois

First Day of Summer

Wishing you a joyful summer! Want to dig a little deeper into you family history this summer? Check out our services page to see how we can help you on projects large or small!

Happy Father’s Day!


A Queen Anne Victorian

These unmarked photos feature the front and side views of a beautiful Queen Anne Victorian home situated on a corner lot with two children at play on a riding toy on the sidewalk and lawn.  Even though the photos are unmarked,... Continue Reading →

Boy or Girl?

Although wearing a dress, the haircut suggests a little boy. Given the time frame of the photo it would not be unusual for a boy to be attired in dresses, more for the ease of "potty training," up until the... Continue Reading →

Ladies from Watertown, New York

This photo is part of a large collection of photos with the surnames Flansburg and McAfee. View more from this collection here.

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