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Unidentified Photos

The photographs in this collection have no indication of who or where the subjects may be located. Take a look around and maybe you can help solve the mystery.

60s Christmas

This photo was included in a large lot of photos purchased from eBay. There are no markings on the photo to tell us who the people are or what year this was. Judging by the furnishings it appears to be... Continue Reading →

Santa Claus, Indiana

This classic photo shows Santa surrounded by some of his toys from the workshop, visiting with a youngster at Santa Clausland in Santa Claus, Indiana. Santa Claus, Indiana is still capturing the hearts of young and old and providing an... Continue Reading →

Mystery Man

Today is "What's His Story?" day. Since there are no markings of any kind on this photo all we can do is give him a made-up story. What are your immediate thoughts when you see him? I immediately think car... Continue Reading →

Rembrandt Studio

This beautiful photo comes to us by way of Rembrandt Studio, Bank Bros. Minneapolis. There are no markings to indicate the identity of the woman, but she certainly was beautiful. Want to learn how to identify the time frame of... Continue Reading →

Fido’s Photo

Today we bring you a most unusual photo ... the family dog. Although not necessarily uncommon to see a child posed with their beloved pet, this photo is of Fido sporting a big bow and sitting in a chair. He... Continue Reading →

Sister, Sister

There are no markings to indicate who these ladies are or where the photo was taken, but we believe it to be 1904-1907 time frame. A great resource for dating photos is the "Family Photo Detective" by Maureen A. Taylor.

Handsome Couple

There are no markings on this photo to indicate who this couple is or where the photo was taken. Based on the fashion and hair styles, we believe the photo to be taken between 1904-1907. One of the absolute best... Continue Reading →


This little cutie just makes my heart happy. Look at that sweet smile, those twinkling eyes, and those precious little baby hands! The photo was taken at Shaker Studios in Menomonie, Wisconsin. No other markings to indicate Smiley's real name... Continue Reading →

Lovely Deco Lady

A lovely portrait, in an Art Deco cardboard frame, gives a glimpse into a past that epitomized grace and elegance. Her dark, contemplative eyes and trace smile gives one reason to wonder what was on her mind. We do not... Continue Reading →

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