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Christmas 1966

December 6, 2017


Christmas 1966 at the home of my Uncle Bob and Aunt Norma [Becker] MacArthur. Uncle Bob was actually my great uncle, my grandfather’s brother. My grandfather died before my brother and I were born, but we were fortunate to have two great uncles who were  “stand in” grandfathers in our young lives.

Uncle Bob was Dr. Robert A. MacArthur, a well-known urologist in Detroit until his death in 1967. He and Aunt Norma did not have any children of there own, and my father made sure to visit them often. I think Uncle Bob became a “stand in” father to my dad after my Grandfather passed.

Screenshot 2017-12-06 at 9.57.02 AM


This is one of my favorite pictures with Aunt Norma. She was just such a lovely person and I absolutely adored her.

Holidays always bring a certain nostalgia and a time to reflect on those who have passed and to embrace those who are here.


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