“Karen did some amazing digging. She sent me documentations that were available, and really gave me the part of my family that I was hoping for (plus more). I really hope to work with Karen, again, in the future (since a lot of that side of my family came out of Washington County, Tennessee). I am very satisfied with the research, and have read through it once, and about to again. Thank you, Karen!” – Anna

“She was very sure of her sources, and she did her work well and quickly.” – Kate

“She has good insight to know where to look for the information you want. Good communication, letting me know what she was thinking and where she was looking. I will probably use her services again at some point.” – Lawrence

“Karen is a genealogical miracle worker! She’s persistent, fast, thorough and thoroughly wonderful. 🙂 I unhesitatingly recommend her for any research, sleuthing or intrepid photography your family tree demands!” – Kelli

“I can’t say enough good things about Ericka’s work. She found a “missing link” that opened a dead end in one branch of my family tree, where I’d been getting nowhere for years. I found her thoroughly professional and highly intelligent and skilled. I’d recommend her to anyone doing family research, and hope to employ her again, myself, in the future.” – Arthur

“Ericka Grizzard is a “wizard!” Well, mostly she appears to be a disciplined, talented researcher and someone who just enjoys genealogy and helping people. She helped me break through a genealogical “wall” and in the process, taught me a lot about being careful documenting my assumptions and understandings. She was very quick and thorough and sent me information and a research summary that tied it all together. She has written some very good articles on the blog that help you to avoid pitfalls like “following the leaf” indiscriminately, too. I’ll be sorting through the information I received, and re-documenting my family, thanks to her help. I hope, soon, to call on her again for aid in solving the mysteries of my family. Thank you, Ericka!” – Richard