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Irene Rebb

February 6, 2019
Irene Rebb

Happy-Go-Lucky is exactly how I picture Irene. I think her laugh was as big as her smile; and that she had the ability to make people happy when around her.

Irene was born June 1, 1925 to Clement Charles Rebb and Natalie Ethyl Russell. “Clem” and Natalie were both from Winnapeg, Manitoba, Canada and were married October 17, 1924 in Detroit, Wayne, Michigan. Clem worked as a manager at the Detroit Creamery Company.

Irene attended Detroit’s Cooley High School and was active in drama and music. She graduated from Cooley in January 1943 and went on to attend Wayne State University. By 1950-51 Clem and Natalie were divorced. Natalie and Irene moved to Phoenix, Arizona. Clem married Grace Rands on December 19, 1952, in Detroit. After Grace passed away, Clem relocated to Phoenix as well.

Irene Rebb WPHS 1952

Irene taught school at West Phoenix High School. She married Richard O. Nelson in April of 1952.

Irene Rebb and Richard Nelson Married

Richard began a career in the late 1940s, as a draftsman at Lescher & Mahoney. He continued there until the mid-1950s, and then became an architect with F.R. Fazio. He eventually had his own firm, Richard O. Nelson & Associates.

We would love to return the high school photos of Irene to her family.

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