Identified Photos

John A. Miner of Iowa

January 21, 2019
Mr. & Mrs John A Miner

Mr. & Mrs. John A. Miner, 1919

John A Miner 1

Mr. John A. Miner, 1919

These photos were included in a little photo album that I purchased. I have been unable to find a connection between the owner of the photo album and Mr. Miner. Interestingly enough, his name appears again in another photo that I purchased. Inside the photo box is a note that says the photo was given to him by Mrs. Grace Mathis. Visits the posts regarding the photo album and the photo box for more information on those items.

Both of the photos have the address of 2401 Grand Avenue, Davenport, Iowa, 1919, written on them. John Avery Miner and his wife, Katherine Studer, were married 287 September 1899 in Rock Island, Illinois. They had five children, Marion, James, John and Mary, and Miriam.

John worked as a United States Postal Carrier.

Would love to share these photos with any family members of John and Katherine.