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Kin Types by Luanne Castle

August 10, 2017

Luanne Castle writes a genealogy blog over at The Family Kalamazoo. Her thorough research of family history spills over into her love of writing, inviting the reader to experience the lives of her ancestors and the communities in which they lived. This is time travel at its best.

Ms. Castle’s recently released book, Kin Types, breathes new life into her ancestors and allows them to tell their stories through her words. She truly did seem to “inhabit” their lives in order to allow us to meet them in the present day.

From The Family Kalamazoo blog:

Kin Types looks at what the lives of my ancestors were like. The locales are mainly Kalamazoo (and other towns in southwestern Michigan), Elmhurst (Illinois), and the Netherlands. Using the fruits of my research, which included studying newspaper articles, documents, and the details of antique photos, I tried to “inhabit” the lives of some of the people who have come before me.

If you are a fan of history, genealogy, and good literature, you need this book in your library.

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