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Kinga Grzywacz’s Family Found

May 25, 2017

Kinga GrzywaczI love when I am able to connect a family member with a lost family heirloom. I published the post listed below about two years ago and ended it with a hope that a relative of Kinga’s would eventually read it and I could return the photo to the family.

Two years later, through the magic of search engines, Kinga’s youngest daughter contacted me.

Here is what she had …

I was searching for information and photos of my mother on-line one night and was pleasantly surprised to find my mother’s confirmation picture on the J. Wendell Genealogy site.  She must be about nine years old in the picture. My parents both died when I was very young, and I don’t have much information or pictures of them.  Ms. Karen Grizzard at J. Wendell was kind enough to also send a few articles she found on my father who was a big band musician in Detroit.  He was killed in a ballroom fire at Edgewater Amusement Park in 1954.  Unfortunately, we never had much information on our family history so I was very surprised to see the marriage certificate say that my mother was 19 when she married my dad who was age 20! Getting these items was like opening a secret door to my past which also opened my heart to experience some unknown love and connection with my parents. Thank you, J. Wendell Research for bringing me a smile and a greater appreciation of my parents.
Maryann Jaworski Borgon, Orlando, FL 



Needless to say, I am thrilled that I was able to return Kinga’s photo to Maryann. I also had the honor of doing a little more research into her family. Thank you, Maryann, for allowing me the privilege of honoring Kinga and Bruno on our website.


Kinga Grzywacz
Kinga Grzywacz, 1924 Photo taken at Canfield Studio, 1354 E Canfield Avenue, Detroit, Michigan

Kinga Grzywacz was born in 1916, the daughter of Steven Grzywacz and Constancia Jurkiewicz.

According to the 1920 US Census the family is living at 286 Canfield Avenue, East in Detroit, Michigan. Kinga is the youngest of the children at that time. Her siblings include: Thomas, Alexander, Katherine, Kristian, and Eleanor. Her father, Steven, is a tester in a car factory.

By 1930 the family is living at 2693 Illinois Avenue in Detroit. Steven owns his own home and is working as a sprayer in an auto factory. Kinga now has two younger siblings as well: Frank and Clemens.

On February 1, 1936, at the age of 19, Kinga marries Bruno Jaworski. The 1940 Census shows Bruno, Kinga, and their children: Cecelia, Ronald, and Paul, living with Kinga’s parents at their home (2693 Illinois Avenue). Kinga’s siblings: Frank, Clemens, and Sylvester are also living in the home. Her father is working at a Garage Service Station as a mechanic (radiator repairs); while husband, Bruno, is a musician working with the Concert Band Project.

Kinga died in 1967 and is buried at Oxbow Lakeside Cemetery, White Lake, Oakland, Michigan.

I would love to see this picture returned to relatives of Kinga.

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