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December 8, 2016

screenshot-2016-12-07-at-12-40-15-pmDonna Foley Mabry opens the door to her family’s secrets with refreshing honesty as she tells the story of her Grandmother, Nola Maude Clayborn. Maude, who was born in 1892 in a small community in Tennessee, marries at the age of 14 and begins a journey that will bring great joy and even greater heartbreak. From Tennessee to Missouri to Michigan, Maude learns how to handle life as it comes at her and how her choices have affected her family at each turn. A epic journey of an ordinary, yet undeniably extraordinary woman who, through engaging stories told to her granddaughter, gives us great insight into the remarkable strength and gut-honest feelings of a woman before her time.

Note: The story is told through the voice of Maude, with some names and locations changed. Part biography and part fiction, the heart of the story remains strong and true.

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