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Mrs. Jennie Berry

March 26, 2019

Mrs. Jennie Berry

Photographed at Lutge’s Photograph Gallery, 53 Monroe Avenue, Detroit, Michigan is Mrs. Jennie Berry. She wrote on the back of the photo, “This was taken before I took sick.”

A quick look for a Jennie Berry in Detroit shows that there are at least two who could be the lady in the photograph. Hoping someone will recognize her and I can return the photo to family members.

What are your thoughts on her age and time-frame of when the photo was taken?

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  1. For some really strange (and unknown) reason, I can’t comment directly in your blog – not comment form is showing to me – and I’m having to comment via the Reader view instead. I wonder if any of your other followers are having the same problem?

    This is a lovely photo. To me, she looks about 40-50 but as I can’t see it very closely, its difficult to tell if her face is lined or not.

    Do you ever take a chance and contact the possible families via your research on these otherwise unknown-photos? Or do you wait and hope they’ll find your post?