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Detroit Michigan

Irene Rebb

Happy-Go-Lucky is exactly how I picture Irene. I think her laugh was as big as her smile, and that she had the ability to make people happy when around her.

Sir Graves Ghastly: Happy Halloween!

So my dear hearts ... Turn out your lights, roll down the shades, draw the drapes, cuddle up in your favorite spot by the telly, and glue your little eyes to your TV screen ... for today's TALE OF TERROR!... Continue Reading →

Christmas 1966

Christmas 1966 at the home of my Uncle Bob and Aunt Norma [Becker] MacArthur. Uncle Bob was actually my great uncle, my grandfather's brother. My grandfather died before my brother and I were born, but we were fortunate to have two... Continue Reading →

Our Book Released Today

This has been a long anticipated day in our household. Postcard History Series: Belle Isle (Detroit, Michigan) has finally been released. To those of you who have supported us through this journey, we say "thank you" from the bottom of... Continue Reading →

Belle Isle (Detroit, Michigan)

We are on the count down to our new book being released on October 30th. Excited is not even the word to describe how I feel ... ecstatic - yes, nervous - yes, overwhelmed - check, proud - a little... Continue Reading →

Frank McIntosh’s Photo Album

  I purchased this unique little photo album containing very small daguerreotype photos because, honestly, I just couldn't pass it up. The photo album itself measures 3.5 inches by 3 inches, and the photos measure 1 inch by .5 inches.... Continue Reading →

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