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old photographs

Jimmie Boyles

Jimmie Boyles of Fruitvale, Van Zandt, Texas.

Root for your team …

I acquired this photo with a large group of other photos. There are no markings or indications of where the photo was taken or what team this group of young men may have represented. Are they a college or high... Continue Reading →

Taylor Artistic Photographer, Detroit, Michigan

What a grand and elegant photo taken by Taylor Artistic Photographer, Grand Central Gallery, Nos. 41 and 43 Monroe Avenue, Detroit, Michigan. Written in pencil on the back is the last name of "Pidden." Would love to know Ms. Pidden's... Continue Reading →

Distinguished and Dapper

I can't decide if he is a banker, business man, or rum runner! Since there are no markings on the photo I guess we can invent all sorts of amazing stories for him. He certainly is well-dressed , distinguished, and... Continue Reading →

Olie Ritchie

Photograph taken by Orr-Keifer of Columbus, Ohio. She looks kind and caring, with a hint of sadness in her eyes. Don't you think? Unfortunately I was unable to find any information on Olie.

Little Lad in Detroit

This little guy looks like he has some serious thoughts on his mind. Whether he just didn't want to be bothered with having a photo taken (as little boys always have lots of things to do), or whether he was... Continue Reading →

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