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WWII Photos: A Soldier’s Perspective (Part 5)

Our photographer didn't caption this trip to one of Hawaii's pineapple and sugarcane plantations, but we can identify his companions as Elvin Phillips and (it looks like) Bert.

This roll of film has sightseeing photos from Honolulu & O'ahu, Hawaii. The photos from Pali Pass, O'ahu are dated 12 August 1945. "The gang at Fort DeRussy where we all went swimming." (Fort DeRussy is a US Army Reservation... Continue Reading →

Arlo Maisan – Christening Photo

Large, looping handwriting on the back identifies the child in this¬†christening photo as Arlo Maisan, but nothing else is¬†known about Arlo or the Sunbeam Gallery where his photo was taken. You can see what may be his mother's dress where... Continue Reading →

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