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World War II

We've come to the end of the photos that can be identified as belonging to our unknown Soldier Photographer. I hope you've enjoyed this series of photos, and enjoy these last few images as well! "This is the Post Theatre."This... Continue Reading →

These photos were taken on Oahu & Kauai islands of Hawaii circa December 1945.

WWII Photos: A Soldier’s Perspective (Part 5)

Our photographer didn't caption this trip to one of Hawaii's pineapple and sugarcane plantations, but we can identify his companions as Elvin Phillips and (it looks like) Bert.

WWII Photos: A Soldier’s Perspective (Part 4)

Our photographer didn't caption these photos, so we can only assume it's because it was a day he would never forget - the war's end, or Victory Day!

This roll of film has sightseeing photos from Honolulu & O'ahu, Hawaii. The photos from Pali Pass, O'ahu are dated 12 August 1945. "The gang at Fort DeRussy where we all went swimming." (Fort DeRussy is a US Army Reservation... Continue Reading →

We were fortunate to come across this large lot of photos documenting the life of one soldier and his buddies in the United States Army in and after World War II.

There's no information available beyond the clues that we see in these photos. I've read that Navy Seamen were the only Naval branch to wear their badges and insignia on the right sleeve so that the eagle faced forward, but we'll need... Continue Reading →

George Mell & Jean Craig

George Peck Mell & Jean Lucille Craig: A World War II Love Story is our featured post today. Visit our sister site at to read their story. Note: Research was based on the letters we obtained.   Ready to... Continue Reading →

May We Always Remember   Let's introduce a new generation to the heroes who came before us. Check out the D-Day Darlings website and follow them on Facebook. Share the stories of your heroes.

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