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Tom Thumb Wedding of Charles Rockett & Sarah Jenkins

May 1, 2017

Charles Rockett & Sarah JenkinsCharles Rockett

Today’s photos feature what may be a Tom Thumb Wedding between Charles M. Rockett (Age 10) & Sarah Jenkins (Age 9). The photographs were taken at Zellner’s Studio – 2914 Ridge Avenue, Philadephia, Pennsylvania.

A closer inspection of 1910 census records has a Charles Rockett, the seven year old son of Alfred & Lillie Rockett living on Oxford Street in Philadelphia’s 29th Ward, while seven pages over is Sarah Jenkins, the five year old daughter of Benjamin & Mary Jenkins living on Nicholas Street in Philadelphia’s 29th Ward. If these are the same individuals, the above photos would have been taken circa 1913.

Rockett 1910

Jenkins 1910

The census doesn’t offer any clues about the connections between these families, but they may have attended the same church or been part of the same social circles.

For more information behind the history of Tom Thumb weddings, check out the NPR article The Wondrous World of Tom Thumb Weddings.

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