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When NOT to Hire a Records Retrieval Person

August 13, 2018

Today Jennifer Holik’s article, “When NOT to Hire a Genealogy or Record Retrieval Person,” showed up in my news feed. As a fan of Ms. Holik’s I was anxious to read her thoughts on this matter. I was not disappointed.

Let me start though, by saying that I sat in on a few of Jennifer’s sessions at RootsTech 2018. She is a captivating speaker, down to earth, and has a true heart for uncovering the individual stories of our service men and women.

As I read her article today, I was struck again by her passion for presenting truth and honoring our military and their families. She gives solid advice on how best to go about learning more of your family members’ military histories.

With permission from Jennifer Holik, I have included the link to her article:

When NOT to Hire a Genealogy or Military Record Retrieval Person


*Note: We at J. Wendell Research, do offer record retrieval services from the National Archives and Records Administration – St. Louis.