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Why Hire a Professional Genealogist?

June 1, 2018

For many people the thrill of doing genealogy research is enough to keep them on the hunt for new finds. It can be addicting. Hours of research may not turn up any new leads, but when a new piece of information is discovered, it can be like adrenaline running through the body.

So why hire a professional genealogist?

There are several reasons why hiring a professional genealogist makes sense. Having a fresh perspective on your current research can yield great rewards and is worth hiring someone for a few hours at the very least.

A professional genealogist will be objective in reviewing records and cutting through family lore. Record analysis is key to finding the truth behind the legends.

A professional genealogist has insight into a multitude of records that are available. With as much information currently available online, there are far more records in local and state repositories that are still waiting to be discovered. A professional genealogist will have knowledge of what is available and how to access those records.

A professional genealogist can oftentimes travel to locations to do onsite research in an expedient manner, saving the client time and money.

While many people enjoy working on their genealogy, many more don’t have the time to take up another project. Genealogy is often one of those hobbies that is saved for retirement. Hiring a professional genealogist to begin recording family history now can prove to be a wise decision. Getting the basics verified and recorded are essential to preserving family history.

Whether you enjoy working on your own genealogy projects,  or are interested, but don’t have the time, hiring a professional genealogist can yield great results in the search for your family’s story.

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