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A Happy Easter

How to Choose a Professional Genealogist

We discussed why you should hire a professional genealogist in this post. Now let’s consider how you should choose one. A professional genealogist is not required to be licensed or certified by law, so a “professional” must be evaluated on... Continue Reading →

George Mell & Jean Craig

George Peck Mell & Jean Lucille Craig: A World War II Love Story is our featured post today. Visit our sister site at to read their story. Note: Research was based on the letters we obtained.   Ready to... Continue Reading →

January Military & Federal Records Request

We are proud to introduce our new military research site: J. Wendell Genealogical Research isn't going away though. We still offer full genealogical research services. BUT, we decided that after J. Wendell became a little more "military heavy" that... Continue Reading →

Happy New Year!

May your New Year be happy, healthy, and prosperous!

The Best of Best Wishes

Heap on more wood, the wind is chill…

A Joyous Xmas to Master Earl Davis

Christmas Greetings

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