Karen 1J. Wendell Genealogical Research Company is a legacy and a labor of love passed down through various women in my family. Jeanie Torrey Wendell is my second great-grandmother on the paternal side; and she blended a love of family, a sense of history, and devout patriotism into her life, which has become the beacon of my own genealogical path. She provides the connection to my DAR lineage; and I proudly uphold her commitment to the Louisa St Clair Chapter of the Daughters of the American Revolution, of which she was a founding member. It is therefore, in her memory that I founded the J. Wendell Genealogical Research Company.

While Jeanie Torrey Wendell symbolizes my Northern roots, my grandmother, Daisy Maebell Crow Woodard, brings my Southern roots to life. A beautiful and gentle woman, she had the brightest smile and biggest hugs. Always an encourager, she, along with my beautiful mother, shared my love of family history. The three of us spent many days holed up in a library doing research, tromping through cemeteries, and just sharing and making memories.

Needless to say, my passion for genealogy is an honest and strong trait handed down from both sides of my family.

Contact me at kgrizzardgenealogy@gmail.com

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*New England Historic Genealogical Society
*Louisa St Clair Chapter of the Daughters of the American Revolution
*General Society of Mayflower Descendants
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